Real Estate | Entitlement

Thoughtful Plans and Balanced Solutions

Discovering a site's unique properties and balancing its needs establishes the foundation for our vision.

Entitlement is a key value creation process that requires multifaceted expertise combined with strong relationships in order to create exceptional residential and mixed-use communities. Our team has a proven track record of navigating the complex legal and regulatory hurdles to obtain the necessary zoning and other government approvals. We incorporate thoughtful designs that enhance aesthetic appeal and integrate the area's natural landscape. The master plan should naturally fit the land - to balance what the land is giving with what we are creating. In addition, we are focused on creating a community lifestyle for residents, which often includes a wide range of amenities such as clubhouses, parks, playgrounds and pools.

Now more than ever, entitling and developing residential and commercial developments requires special care. That's why Forestar is committed to thoughtful planning and balanced solutions for growth. Our real estate team understands that no two communities are alike. Each new development must be designed to align with the community's shared values, needs and unique lifestyle. This approach allows us to generate the greatest benefit while creating significant value for shareholders and communities alike.

Our Approach to Development