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Recognizing the Benefits of Aquifers

Groundwater can play a role in providing a strategic water supply for East Texas.

Forestar has a 45% non-participating royalty interest in groundwater rights under approximately one million surface acres in East Texas, primarily in the Carrizo-Wilcox and Gulf Coast aquifers. These aquifers hold large quantities of groundwater. Plentiful East Texas rainfall recharges the aquifers and storage underground prevents evaporation during hot, dry periods. A high-quality groundwater supply could be delivered from these aquifers by pipelines, rivers, or canals directly to cities, wholesale water providers or commercial industries. Groundwater can provide a long-lasting water supply for future demand growth or provide a source to help meet current needs – alone or in conjunction with existing surface water supplies. Studies show the groundwater provides long-term reliability and economic benefits to supplement existing and planned supplies.

As water providers and local groundwater conservation districts evaluate their water needs, Forestar is positioned to provide a balanced groundwater alternative that ensures water is delivered in an economical and environmentally responsible way.