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Recognizing the Benefits of Aquifers

The use of groundwater in Central Texas can be a balanced and long-term approach.

Droughts are common in Central Texas. In addition, demand for water continues to grow for food, agriculture, power, hygiene, and recreation. As a result, we must find new ways to secure long-term access to water, not just to safeguard against drought, but also to make it possible for our communities to grow and prosper. In 2010, the Lower Colorado River Authority "LCRA" published its Water Supply Resource Plan "WSRP". External Link The WSRP outlined projected water needs for Central Texas through the end of the century, as well as strategies for meeting those needs. LCRA has established as one of its immediate priorities the identification of alternative water sources. Those sources could be part of a comprehensive water supply strategy including aggressive conservation and long-term management of existing resources to meet Central Texas' needs in the coming decades.

Forestar has groundwater leases on approximately 20,000 surface acres in Central Texas and can deliver long-term, high-quality water to municipal and industrial users in the region by accessing groundwater through deep wells in the large Simsboro aquifer (mostly under Lee County). Studies show that the Simsboro aquifer is prolific and can support the planned production from Forestar's water rights. This balanced approach would diversify Central Texas' water supply so we are not entirely dependent on the drought-sensitive surface water in our lakes and rivers.