CREDO Petroleum has been acquired by
Forestar effective September 28, 2012.

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A vision for every acre.

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This is Forestar's
"Dimensional Land Model."
It illustrates how we
responsibly develop real
estate and natural resources
to their highest purpose.
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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Land and Resources to their Highest Purpose +

We recognize and responsibly deliver the greatest value from every acre. This pledge to take land to its highest purpose is founded on our core values to responsibly manage land and nature resources for future generations. Learn more

Our Team

Developing a Vision for Every Acre +

Our team has the proven ability to identify and deliver multiple dimension of value from land and natural resources, above and below the ground, today and in the future. Learn more



Taking Trees to their Highest Purpose +

Forest carbon credits have the potential to provide additional value from our timberlands, and are consistent with our sustainable land management objectives and do not impair the future use or value of the land. Learn more

Fiber and Biomass

Responsibly Managing our Timberlands +

We are focused on capturing the value of fiber growth from our timberlands through sustainable harvest practices, while enhancing the value of our land for future real estate opportunities. Learn more

Recreation and Conservation

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees +

Embracing the distinctive values of our forests is part of our ethical commitment to being accountable to our constituents as we strive to be the most respected developer of real estate and natural resources. Learn more



Ensuring a Balanced Approach +

Water reservoirs provide flexibility by enabling communities to balance water supply and demand issues. We are committed to promoting a comprehensive and sustainable approach to managing our water resources. Learn more


Seeing the Future of Water +

Land uses and environmental regulations are creating opportunities to deliver value through mitigation. Forestar secures mitigation credits through its ongoing efforts to restore, create, enhance or preserve wetlands. Learn more


Delivering a Sustainable Water Supply +

To deliver the greatest value from our water resources, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution to meet the water demands of our communities. Learn more

Real Estate


Live with Purpose +

We are committed to capturing opportunities in the growing multifamily market and creating exceptional leasing opportunities for residents in ideal locations. Learn more


Creating Live-Work-Play Opportunities +

Our real estate team has entitled and developed some of the most innovative master-planned, mixed-use communities in our markets. Learn more


Developing A Sense of Community +

We are focused on developing master-planned residential communities with first and second move-up housing, the largest segment of the new home construction market. Learn more


Delivering Thoughtful Plans and Balanced Solutions +

We secure entitlements by delivering thoughtful plans and balanced solutions that meet the needs of the communities where we operate. Securing entitlements creates significant real estate value, and requires only minimal capital investment. Learn more

Oil and Gas


Finding Our Potential Below the Ground +

Forestar owns significant oil and natural gas mineral interests in Texas and Louisiana, some of the most productive basins in the continental United States. Learn more

Oil and Gas

Proving Up Our Mineral Acreage +

To realize the value of our minerals, our team proactively markets and incents activity by generating prospects, leases, incenting seismic, exploration and drilling activity ultimately increasing production, reserves and value. Learn more

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